History of the Aborigines

  • Origin of Aborigines: Recent findings have shown that Aborigines could have lived in Australia around 60,000 years ago, but if we refer to past information, they came from New Guinea roughly 40,000 years ago.
  • Wurundjeri History: History of the Wurundjeri people who settled in the Birrarung Valley near present-day Melbourne.
  • Early Images of the Australian Aborigines: Sketches and drawings of early Aborigines.
  • Aboriginal Territories: Many Aboriginal territories off the coasts of Australia were drowned when sea levels started to rise.
  • Aborigines: Great outline on the history and culture of Aborigines.
  • Aboriginal Artifacts: As ancient artifacts of the Aboriginal people were uncovered, researchers inferred that religion played a large role in their culture.
  • AusAnthrop: AusAnthrop has a strong dedication to anthropology research, and primarily focus on the ancient Aboriginal culture.
  • Frasier Island: Frasier Island was home to the Butchulla people, and efforts are being made to preserve their history.
  • Living Museum: Melbourne’s Living Museum has many exhibits relevant to Aborigines.
  • Australian Museum: Exhibits, images, and facts on indigenous Australians and their culture.

Aboriginal Art and Culture

Aboriginal Rights

General Resources

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