Environmentally Friendly Cars

Rising gas prices, diminishing reserves of oil, and environmental concerns have led to new technologies in vehicle production. Vehicles that are more environmentally friendly than the gas guzzlers of the past continue to grow in popularity and market share.

Environmentally friendly cars use alternate sources of fuel. Hybrid vehicles run on a combination of gasoline and electricity. They provide greater fuel economy and reduce pollution. Hybrid cars are offered in the United States by several auto companies, including Toyota, Honda and Ford. Biodiesel vehicles use fuel that is derived from natural fats and oils and alcohol. They burn cleaner and get better gas mileage. Natural gas vehicles like the Honda Civic GX use compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas that produces fewer pollutants and emissions and is cheaper than gas. They are not yet widely commercially available.

Another way to drive in a more environmentally friendly way is to choose a vehicle with high fuel efficiency. These vehicles get more miles to the gallon. They save money at the pump and burn less fuel, which means fewer pollutants. Information about fuel efficiency is provided on the stickers of new vehicles.

Go greener when traveling by using environmentally friendly car rental and transportation services. Many major car rental companies offer these alternatives. Avis rents a large selection of hybrid cars, including the Ford Escape and Toyota Prius. In addition, many of their rental cars have high fuel efficiency ratings. In some locations, Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers Green Branches where hybrid and fuel-efficient cars make up the bulk of cars available for rent. In Maui, Bio-Beetle rents biodiesel cars and jeeps. Many car hire services are making it a priority to offer hybrid vehicles for their eco-conscious customers.

Several transportation services offer environmentally friendly rental cars. Ecolimo offers chauffer services with vehicles that use alternative fuels and hybrid technology. OZOcar is a private car service in New York City that uses only hybrid cars. Other environmentally conscious transportation companies are Green Limousine of Colorado, PlanetTran, located in the New England and San Francisco areas, Green Cab of San Francisco, and GoGreen Transportation Service in Virginia.

Choosing fuel efficient vehicles and alternative sources of fuel helps to conserve resources and create a healthier environment. Even small efforts like using environmentally friendly rental cars can have an impact on the future.

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