How Cold Does It Get In Australia?

As most people view Australia as a hot and dry continent, it may come as a surprise to discover that it actually gets cold here. In fact, some places in Australia get so cold during the winter months that it actually snows.

Although we don't rank anywhere near the other cold countries of the world, Australia has experienced some extremely cold days. The lowest recorded temperature was at Charlotte's Pass in New South Wales, where it reached -23.0 degrees Celsius on the 29th of June, 1994. New South Wales receives some of the nation's coldest weather, particularly around the Snowy Mountains. Ski resort towns such as Thredbo and Jindabyne demonstrate some of Australia's lowest temperatures, making them the perfect destination for skiing in the winter months.

Areas in Victoria such as Dinner Plain and Myrtleford have a mean maximum temperature of 9.7 degrees Celsius, making them the coldest areas in the state. The Snowy Mountains also cross the border of New South Wales into Victoria, making them another frequent destination for snow fall. The snow can even sometimes fall in the Central and Northern Tablelands.

In South Australia snow falls on the Mount Lofty and Flinders Ranges, which is located in the South-eastern region of the state. Western Australia sees snow falling on the Stirling Ranges in the South-west of the state and the Northern Territory rarely sees any at all. There are of course rarities such as snow falling in south-east Queensland, but this does of course not happen very often in the 'Sunshine State'.

Although for most of the year we enjoy long hours of sunshine there are those few months within the year that we are shocked with freezing temperatures and unexpected snow fall. The Australian climate is a pleasant one, unlike any other place in the world!

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